About michelle keefe

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Photo credit: Zach Share

VERSATILE WRITER: I can write just about anything. I have professional experience as a copywriter, journalist, creative writer, and blogger. I have an instinct for matching the right tone with the right topic. 


EDITOR: I can bring clarity and refinement to your manuscript without stifling your creative voice and vision. I edit a wide range of written work, including fiction, non-fiction, resumes, marketing copy, essays, and more. 


PROOFREADER: I know the difference between compliment and complement, and I know when to tuck my commas and periods inside end quotes (answer: 99.9% of the time, if you live in the US).


MISCELLANEOUS CREATIVE: I am a former darkroom junkie. I tend to gravitate toward all things out of the ordinary. That includes eccentrics (i.e., other creatives), as long as you're kind.  


ASPIRING NOVELIST: I'm currently working on a collection of short stories related to Chicago. 


HOBBIES & INTERESTS: Reading. Writing. Cooking. Boxing. Mexican food (I'm classifying this one as a hobby). Collector of tchotchkes, antiques, and funky lamps.